Real Estate

Financial Expertise for Real Estate

Our firm has long provided real estate developers and asset-holders with expert guidance on transactions, financial modeling, tax compliance and other analyses. Our mission is to protect your holdings, minimize your liabilities, and provide strategic research and recommendations to help meet your real estate investment goals.

Acquisition Structuring

In real estate, both ownership and financing structures make a significant impact on your potential rewards and liabilities. AbitOs can deliver insights on how your corporate entity and partnership agreements will affect cash flow, profits, taxes, future sales and other considerations.

Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 established 8,700 Federal Opportunity Zones (OZs) nationwide. They are designed to spur economic development in underserved areas by providing significant tax benefits to long-term investors, such as reducing or eliminating capital gains tax. We can analyze your holdings and recommend ways to capitalize on OZ opportunities.

Lets Go

Cost Segregation Analysis

AbitOs can analyze your commercial holdings to determine whether identifying and segregating certain components as personal property – separate and distinct from real property – will produce accelerated depreciation benefits for your income taxes.

Tax Compliance

Our team can assist in many important ways through each phase of the real estate market and property cycle. We offer corporate accounting and tax preparation, property tax calculations, objective valuations, support for tax assessments, help with reducing liabilities on donated or inherited property, and much more.